Car Holders & Stands

Safe driving reauires the use of both hands and attention once on the steering, which nowadays becomes more and more difficult to achieve due to the fear of missing out on important notifications on devices. Our car holders and stands permit you to have a glimpse at notifications while keeping your hands and eyes on the road. Our wide catalog contains a great range of holders and stands for you to choose from, depending on your needs and expectations from them.

The wireless car mount and charger, hands-free and easy to use! The Gravity Car Cell Phone Mount has a snug fit and rubberized grips that won’t let your phone fall. Avoid an accident or damage with this innovative phone holder that attaches directly to the dash vents in seconds. This cup stand holds the smallest of smartphones even while charging wirelessly. With safeguards such as verticle support arms to add strain relief for sudden jostling motions, you can keep your marriage safe while driving down the highway. ——————————————————— Wirelessly charge at maximum speed so you always have power on hand for when it’s time to go! Charging seamlessly happens through our Coaxial Magnetic Charger Cable for fast data transfer rates and universal compatibility with electric cars and”This product conveniently stands on your dashboard for easy reach without obstructing your view. This one-of-a-kind device includes an adjustable bracket that fits most smartphones, wireless charging to eliminate the need for cords, and two USB ports so you can charge more than just your phone! Traveling is always easier with this innovative travel companion.”

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