12v car adapter


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Material: ABS
Interface: USB2.0
Usage: 3.1A Fast car charger adapter
Out Power: 5V 3.1A
Voltage: 5V

The 12v dc power socket is a great gift for anyone who travels abroad and leaves his or her cell phone charger at home. This dual USB adapter provides two ports that can double as charging slots to enable you or someone else in your car to charge their phones while on the go. What makes this particular product so different from others in its category is the cigarette lighter plug made out of high-quality material with a long lead, perfect for keeping in your glove compartment, so it’s easily accessible when traveling away from home.

In addition to being practical when they’re grounded by an international trip, they’re also really easy to carry around with you if you need additional outlets when spending time outside during sports events like camping trips and The car adapter plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and supplies power to devices like phones, tablets, laptops, flashlights.