12v usb socket


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Interface: USB2.0
Material Type: PC
Voltage: 12V
Usage: Car USB Charger Sockets

The 12v USB socket’s 15 watts of power lets you charge smartphones, tablets, and mp3 players at highway speeds. The product senses when your vehicle alternator is charging the car battery, automatically turning on only when the voltage level falls below 13 volts; this means that once your car is running you don’t have to worry about draining your engine battery powering your phone charger.

And with the indicator light showing whether it’s plugged in or not it can be hard to tell if your device has finished charging before unplugging it -that could mean leaving a dead device inside an already dead car! USB Charger includes alligator clips for adding cables to reach deep into vehicles with tight spots otherwise unavailable for plugs. This is a USB charger designed to work for 12-volt battery systems..