3m auto reflective strips tape for cars




Products type: Plastic
Colour: Multi-Color
Package Content: 4 X Car OPEN Reflective Tape

High-quality reflective safety tape for an easy car door handle.  Reflective tape adhesive can be found in cars, motorcycles, bikes, and any vehicle that needs to be seen. Reflective stickers with their conspicuity tape make it easy for drivers to see your brand at day or night hours by reflecting light with 3m reflective material. w

Multi-color and night-friendly external car accessories. It can be used in most conditions whether with sun or night driving conditions.  The reflective stickers with high visibility and high-intensity grade will ensure safety for yourself and others around you who need to see you when driving your bike or car during daylight hours too!  Easy to apply. Just select the decal size needed for each spot where desired peel paper protective layer off of adhesive side press firmly against clean dry surface wait 30 seconds before peeling off rem.