car charger hidden camera


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Material Type: ABS and red/black wires
Out Power: Output 12V
Usage: Cables, Adapters & Sockets

You know someone is up to something when they start lying about where they’re going. Why not install a car charger hidden camera to find out for sure? They’ll never see this coming!. This product has two functions: it’s both an in-car usb port and a camera, giving you full control of what your teen is up to while he or she is on the go with Uber or Lyft drivers.

When you think of a stealthy little camera for undercover operations, what comes to mind? The law-made car charger hidden camera is the ideal gadget for use by undercover officers and spy teams. Plug it in and adjust functions as a USB charging cable. Upon touching and rotating your device on the base, the night vision viewfinder will come into range- with an operational hardware shutter for easy photography. Pressing any button will activate completely waterproof memory card up to 32GB (included).