car charger to wall outlet adapter


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Usage: Universal Socket
Output Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Power: 200W
Input Voltage: DC 12V

Put away your cables in favor of wireless charging. Reduce clutter in your car by getting rid of chargers, plug-in adapters, and even cords. The sleek design makes this charger perfect for any vehicle interior. Just make sure you have a Qi receiver for your phone to use it!. It’s not enough to make your phone stay charged. You want it to charge as quickly as possible, and all the time you spend plugged in is your chargers’ wasted energy. The best way to keep a car charger working for a long time? Invest in a charging pad that charges up a wireless device without wasting too much power on speed.

Don’t give those other adapters control of your car’s battery life! we have just the thing – our smart sensor car wireless charger will save you from being tethered electronically or physically by saving some juice so it never runs out! We live in a fast-paced world where we’re constantly on the go. Whether you forgot to charge your phone at home or left it beneath the seat of your car, this product is for you. The smart sensor car wireless charger will make sure that no matter what happens throughout your day, you’ll never be without the peace of mind knowing there’s always a way to casually top off!