car coin organizer


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Usage: Storage Boxes & Bins
Material: plastic

Looking for an easy way to organize coins in your car? Perhaps you are looking for the perfect gift idea, or need a particular home improvement item? Need something fun and exciting when you are away from home but don’t want to be bored on the drive there?. Find tracks for child’s Hot Wheels toy set right here at our online retail Keep your change and other personal belongings organized with the Car Coin Organizer. Its compact size ensures that it does not take up space in a vehicle’s tight interior.

The Car Coin Organizer includes 12 storage compartments that can be filled with both flat and round items, as well as a zippered compartment to store miscellaneous items such as coins or credit cards. The organizer’s material also makes it easy to handle during car accidents by absorbing kinetic energy without breaking or creating pieces of shrapnel inside the cabin should an event occur, unlike seat bottoms which might blow out upon impact. The Car Coin Organizer occupies minimal trunk space and can be folded.