Car Cup Holder Protector Rubber Pad


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Placement: Car interior
Material: Latex
Usage: BMW Cup Holder Mats

Forget about spillage and sticky cup holders! This rubber pad fits snugly in your car’s cup holder to protect it from drinks and debris. It’s also reversible so you can choose between a black or silver side. Customizable to fit any make or model of car, this product is the perfect way to keep your cup holder in good condition.

Keep your car looking new with our Car Cup Holder Protector Rubber Pad! This easy to install insert protects your car’s cup holder from scratches and scuffs. With our product, you can keep your car in showroom condition while enjoying your favorite drink on the go!

Looking to keep your car’s cup holders in good condition? Look no further than our cup holder protector rubber pad! This easy-to-use insert slips right into your car’s cup holders, protecting them from wear and tear. Plus, our coasters are designed to fit most standard cups and bottles, so you can keep your drinks securely in place while you drive. Why not order a set today and see for yourself how much difference they make? Your car – and your drink – will thank you!