Car Door Edge Protector Magnetic Strips


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Placement: Door & Waistline
Customizable: Yes
Material: Rubber

Keep your car looking its best with these universal, easy to use magnetic door edge protectors. These protector strips are designed to look like trim molding and can be applied using strong adhesive tabs that mount around the edges of doors or sensitive areas of cars. They’re perfect for protection against scratches, scuffs, stains, accidental damage from mishandling articles by passengers in the vehicle, road salt corrosion on metal parts, etc.—all without having to worry about messy liquids!

Sometimes you get in your car, pull the key out, and go to close the door only to remember that you forgot something behind. Or there’s a big puddle on one side of your driveway. Whatever the case may be, things are about to get wet if it weren’t for our Car Door Edge Protector Magnetic Strips! Made with high quality trim molding and strong adhesive, these guarantees nothing will come between this door edge protector strip and any obstacle coming its way…We at WHITESUN Protection Systems pride ourselves year after year in inventing new ways to make car owners happy without making them break their budget – all while setting up WHITESUN Protection Systems as an innovator-in-the-industry.

When your car door slams shut, you have to worry about that sound signaling the edge of the door making contact with the paint. If it strikes hard enough, you could emerge from your drive damaged and without a car door protector! The Car Door Edge Protector Magnetic Strips are here for protection so you get through life’s obstacles unscathed. Our reusable product sticks easily to any vehicle door frame to provide strong support so things don’t get out of hand when driving away in haste. Don’t let investment-wrecking marring happen at home or on the go – keep this trim molding free from wear and tear by giving our high-quality strips a chance!