Car Folding Table





Color: Black
Material: ABS


Proudly announce your love on the open road with this #roadtrip ready Car Folding Table. This totally versatile product is stored in its own bag that can be carried around with ease. The table includes pockets for all of your necessities, a bottle holder to keep drinks secure, an ultra-slim dry erase board perfect for drawing up scenic post cards or brainstorming ideas really any time you’re carless! So go ahead and search for adventure safe in the knowledge that this handy foldable table always has you covered!

Whether you are looking for a solution to organize your life or just want to take the clutter out of the backseat, this product has it all! The Car Folding Table provides an easy way to turn any surface into a temporary work station. It can be used as a seat organizer for babies with multiple pockets and places where you can attach toys, snacks, etc. It will also transform your car’s interior by adding organization with foldable storage organizers like seat cover hangers (with safety strap) and permanent drink holder (seats 4 cups). If that is not enough, this durable table comes equipped with cup holders on both sides which features flip-open tops that act as convenient drink holders while the smooth surface acts as an inviting dry erase.