Car Food Swivel Tray (Copy)


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Color: Black
Material: Plastic


This product is the perfect companion for any driver. It conveniently turns your car into an eating area, with two drink holders that also act as arm rests and a food compartment to hold all of your delicious snacks while you’re out on the road! From swivel trays to storage sacks, this product has it all.

With a cup holder and a durable swivel tray, the “Car Food Swivel Tray” is perfect for storing food or drinks in your car. Table chips, soup, crackers – eat it all!

No more taking your hands off the wheel to get to your bag of chips. With this swivel tray, you will never need to pick up food again while driving because it’s always in arms reach. The genius design features a 360 degree rotating base which makes accessing anything stored on one side of the tray even easier while also being able to store other items on either side for easy storage.
This car-centric tray does away with all that spilled junk in cupholders and messy table trays inside vehicles by making sure everything stays put during each turn or bumpy ride – no matter how long or short it might be! With two drink holders on opposite sides of the tray, you are guaranteed not to miss another smooth jazz groove playing