car gear shift cover knob




Dimension: 80 x 57 x 45mm/ 3.15 x 2.24 x 1.57 inches(L*W*H);
Functions:  protects & decorate
Material: High-quality silicone
Our gear shift knob cover is the solution to give you a comfortable drive. It gives your gear shift knob an awesome look. It protects it from dust, water, and all liquids, ensures durability, and helps you to spare time and money. The silicone material is soft,wear-resistant, and easily washable.

no more troubles looking for the right gear as this sturdy knob glows
Made of durable rubber, with a comfortable grip for your fingers and with access to all functions on your vehicle
Protects expensive airbags from accidental scratches or dirt by covering the area close to the steering wheel
Each one is handmade and machined. Specific machining processes depend on model-type and desired material choices.
Made in USA

Designed to match the interior styling of your car, this auto part will provide a new edge to your steering wheel. This knob is non-slip and has also been engineered for comfort in use. The perfect gift for any driver!