Car Hanger Hooks USB Cable


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Colour: Black
Usage: car cable organizer
Placement: car interior dashboard
Size:About 3.5*2.1cm/1.3*0.8in
Compatibility: Universal car


Add some function to your fashion with these Car Hanger Hooks! Hang your handbags, purses, or even school supplies from the convenient hooks. This is a must-have for any fashionista on the go. The car hanger hooks are also perfect for groceries – no more struggling to hold onto your bags while you drive! These universal car hanger hooks make it easy to organize and store your belongings.

Keep your car neat and organized with these Car Hanger Hooks. The hooks attach to the headrest in your car and provide a handy place to hang bags, purses, or other items. You can also use the hooks to store cords and cables, so they’re always within reach.

Now you can keep your car organized and clean while having a place to hang your handbags, purses, and grocery bags! These Car Hanger Hooks are the perfect solution for anyone who wants more storage space in their vehicle. The hooks are made of durable plastic and attach easily to the headrests in your car. You can use them to store anything from school supplies to winter coats. Plus, the built-in USB cable makes it easy to charge your phone or other devices on the go. Order your Car Hanger Hooks today and start enjoying a clutter-free car!