car interior cleaning foam


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Functions:Clean glue,clean dust,clean gel
Weight: 80g

Restoring your car interior can be tough, but we have the solution for you! Our high-quality product provides quick cleaning on all surfaces. Start by spraying one or two pumps of foam onto a towel and cleaning until you don’t see any more dirt. Rinse the cloth in warm water with detergent mixed into it before moving onto other areas. We recommend using separate towels for every section of the car (interior/exterior).

This way of de-wrinkling will remove stains quickly without having to scrub hard, which might result in scratches to the paintwork of your vehicle! No one wants to be stuck with an interior that is only half clean. We don’t use chemicals so your new car never has to worry about that new car smell again! Simply spray on our foam cleaner then wipe it off for a glossy finish that you’ll love.