Car Key Holder Case


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Function: protection,decoration
Material Type: Aluminium
With all of the keys dangling from your pockets or caught up among coins, you’ve faced that dreaded moment when there’s just no way to find what you’re looking for. The Car Key Holder Case will keep all of your car-related keys organized and set at the ready regardless where they are! You can tack one on behind a sun visor or tuck it in your center console to have quick access to spare vehicle remotes should needs arise. It has an insulated pocket for any other detail supplies you may need while out on the road, so go ahead—gather up those loose ends with this handy organizer and head off happy and prepared!
An elegant holder for your set of keys that sits inside the passenger seat, this leather accessory keeps them off the floor and within easy reach. With an adjustable strap to make sure it grips snugly on any contoured vehicle seat, this key case also has 3 slots (2 outside pouches) for miscellaneous items like phone chargers, pens, cords or other car-related items you may need. It provides 3 round holes in its back for attaching to your car’s headrest with strong double sided tape.