Car Laptop Stand





Color: Black

Material: ABS


The car laptop stand is a portable solution for on the go seating and work without the car getting in the way. The keyboard tray turns any vehicle into a mobile office space with ergonomic setups from eye level to sitting, so you can adjust yourselves from sitting to taking a break or just enjoying a scenic drive. A table that adjusts in height is designed to hold laptops, coffee cups, and snacks while you’re cruising down the highway – all of which are just an arm’s reach away! Make working from home even more convenient, avoiding clutter at home too while keeping your workplace setup mobile. This product includes creativity tips such as making sure your workspace doubles as an alarm clock when not needed!

This stand is perfect for people on the go, from commuters to mothers. No more slouching over your car’s steering wheel to charge your phone while you drive! This product stands comfortably on a chair or table, letting you browse social media without hurting your neck. It assists with standing desks and height adjustment as well as offers a place for coffee cups and laptops of all sizes! Have instant nutrition at home too by using it as a makeshift standing desk that doubles as kitchen countertop space. If you’re working from home like we are here at Rain Design (proud sponsors of this Car Laptop Stand), it will be an invaluable tool. Adjustable heights allow improvement in posture and ergonomics; even those simple adjustments can make such.