Car Leather Seat Protector


Standard benefits:
– Protect your car seats from stains and wear.
– Keep your Car interior looking as good as new.
-Full compatibility with  seat belt

Emotional benefits:
– Give yourself peace of mind that you’re doing everything for the best appearance possible.
– Get a little more time to enjoy driving with this product!



Material Type:
Foam thickness: 4mm
Item Weight: 0.95kg
Placement on Vehicle: Front, Rear, Left, Right
Item Width: 22.05inch


Leather seat protector, to keep your car seats like new!
Available in different colors, it fits both the front and the rear seats. It’s also very easy to install: you just have to wrap it around the seat.

Looking to keep your leather seats in top condition? Our car leather seat protector is just what you need! Made of durable and high-quality materials, our protector will shield your seats against dirt, spills, and other everyday wear and tear. Plus, it’s easy to install and fits most vehicles. Order yours today!

Keep your car’s leather seats in like-new condition with our leather seat protectors! Available in multiple colors, these protectors are perfect for front, rear, left, and right seats. They’re made of durable materials and feature a professional tone of voice.