car mobile holder


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Color: black
Material: Plastic

If you’re tired of misplacing your phone in the car with no hands-free solution, then it’s time to invest in this iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless Charger. This phone holder features strong magnets and a vent clip for mounting to any air vent with easy access to your device when needed. Place on windshield or dashboard, so it can charge wirelessly while the iPhone 12 securely stays put.

This cell phone holder is equipped to handle all your wireless charging needs. you’ll never have to worry about abandoning your favorite device on its side because it didn’t fit in the built-in slot. It also features a metal plate that offers protection for your delicate circuits. Regardless of which direction you want the charger set up or what type of phone you are using, this product is an ideal choice for keeping both hands free while keeping close monitoring if necessary. When traveling by car, either alongside another person or alone, safety can be just as important as staying connected during your journey so we’ve included a vent clip.