Car Phone Holder Mount


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Item Weight: 0.04kg
Functions: Prevent your phone from sliding away.
Bored of always looking at your profile pic? Is your windshield getting frustrated with having to see the same old boring photo every day? Introducing the world’s first EVER Double Window Suction Cup Mount. When you pull out this handy device, now both sides of your car are featured in front of everyone! Now only will LIFE be running through the window, but all those recent photos that have been taking too long to download – they’ll also be on display for all to see! Take a picture with one camera and watch it play back with video playback SOMEHOW magically on another camera – not sure how that works but doesn’t matter because there are MAGNETS so who cares if it’s science or not… Cars these days need more.

What’s better than sitting in your car and having all the freedom to control your phone with everything at hand? The simple answer – nothing. Unless, of course, you’re not actually looking at it most of the time because sticking it on your dash or windshield is less than ideal after a while. That’s why we’ve put together this one-of-a-kind Car Phone Holder Mount that’ll keep your view clear and screen always handy with its wireless charging system – no fussing with cords, plugs, and outlets every five minutes.

This sleek piece fits tirelessly over any type of device: smartphones like iphones 12 pro (nonplus), MacBooks and Otterboxes alike; tablets like ipads 13 (the new)