car pocket organizer


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Material: Nylon
Color: Black
Compatibility: Universal for all the cars
Feature: Car organizer storage

The car pocket organizer is not just an accessory to keep your side of the car clean and tidy, but also a lifesaver when it’s time to use one hand for driving. It’s perfect for all of you who struggle with missed signals while trying on the other side. This lightweight, water-resistant pouch is ready to fit any size or type of phone like magic, Just snap on this handy device pouch which can turn any area in your car into quick hands-free storage at a moment’s notice. It does double duty by providing functionality with style.

The seat pocket organizer is the perfect car accessory for anyone who spends a great deal of time in their vehicle. It easily attaches in the car seat gap to provide plenty of storage space for miscellaneous items, such as trash bags, cell phones, or other often-used necessities. The PU leather material makes it quite durable and provides easy clean-up by just wiping with a wet towel. This product is universal and will fit most cars!