Car Seat Belt Cover


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Material Type: Carbon fiber
Item Weight: 0.06kg
Functions: Increase driving safety & comfort
It ́s not hard to imagine how uncomfortable it can be when your seat ́s belt strap is rubbing against your neck or if you have an injury with extra pressure in that area. Save yourself the discomfort, and purchase a pair of these soft, plush car accessories. Our covers are made of high quality sheepskin for supreme comfortability on top of being water resistant! With our vinyl coating they will stay put no matter what situation arises while driving. Just pamper yourself whenever you drive by choosing one today.

Ever had a neck ache from a belt against your neck? Do you want to equip your precious child with the best chance of surviving in case of an accident? Just slip this soft-touch cover over the strap. Available in three colors, red, blue and black!