car seat phone holder




Material: plastic
Usage: Car seat holder
Placement: Car Rear seat

Let’s be honest, you’re never going to put your phone down while making dinner or cooking–you’ll need something to hold it! The car seat phone holder makes for a great personal organization tool in the back of your car. It comes with several pockets, including slots for credit cards and sunglasses, so you can keep everything neatly organized in one place. Use it also when on long road trips–say goodbye to searching endlessly through your purse for that loyalty card that could end up costing you big money.

Keep your phone within sight but out of reach while you’re driving, running errands, or while hosting a road trip this summer! With these adjustable arms that grip over the headrests on both sides of the backseat, even younger children can securely enjoy their favorite games to keep them entertained in the long hours or overnight journeys ahead. Auto expert tested and certified safe with our 360° side elastic bands for absorbing impact forces when turning corners so you can be sure it’s lovingly crafted with safety in mind too. Durable enough to take your picky eater grub off-roading straight into playground territory without worrying about spills or food stains making any permanent marks