Car Seat Protector Mat




Material: Leather & Oxford & Cotton.
Seat Pad: Approx. 45 * 48cm.
package: Come with pockets as a storage space for travel tools.

Our protective car seat cover is suitable for all types of car seats, baby baskets, and child seats, with storage space for travel tools and the best protection for your car seat from cracks and scratches. Worry about spills? Save your seats with the anti-slip rubberized bottom surface. The mat can also be flipped over to cover seats when not in use or transport a wet car seat from one vehicle to another without worries of spilling liquids on the carpet. • Works perfectly for infant and bucket-style car seats.

Looking to keep your car in top condition? Check out our car seat protector mat! This essential accessory protects your car seats from dirt, dust, and other debris, while also providing a moisture barrier against accidents. The custom-fit design ensures a perfect fit for all types of seats – front seats, high chairs, kick mats, bucket seats, booster seats – and the machine-washable fabric makes cleanup a breeze. Plus, the built-in storage pocket provides convenient access to your child’s favorite toys or snacks. And for added safety and peace of mind, our car seat protector is crash tested and features grime guard fabric to help keep your upholstery clean. So protect your car and your child with our Car Seat Protector Mat