Car Trim dashboard Restorer


Cleaning car trim has never been easier with our professional’s only car trim dashboard restorer! This three-step system will have your surface looking new in just 5 minutes. Utilize the dusting function for a quick clean, paper towel plus baby oil to remove stains and dirt from stubborn areas, or use lint-free cloths + plastic/vinyl wipes if you’re using extreme dirtiness. After wiping down all surfaces, dry with cool water and let it evaporate before applying. The last step is optional: Add UV protection to minimize future damage and keep the dash feeling like the day it was first installed! Were confident we can revive even the most weathered of surfaces; this final step could be key to extending lifespan residual guaranteed to make your car shine with our one-step dashboard restorer!. You can get it once or stock up for emergencies because this stuff never goes bad. A little bit goes a long way so just bring the lint-free cloths near the surface quickly before it dries off. Apply water in small droplets after applying oil then buff with the dry side of clothes–easy peasy! dust and dirt, paper towel, baby oil, lint-free cloths, plastic or vinyl, plastic surface, clean lint-free, cool water, less drying time.