Car Vent Cell Phone Mount




Mounting Location: Air Vent, Desk
Compatible Model: Universal
Color: Black
Material: Metal

This Car Vent Cell Phone Mount is perfect for keeping your mobile devices safe and charged while on the go. The strong magnets and metal plates keep your phone in place, while the spring loaded design makes it easy to remove. The mount is also compatible with most Apple iPhones, making it the perfect choice for any driver.

Keep your phone within reach while you’re driving with this car vent cell phone mount! This handy device attaches to your car’s air vent and holds your phone in place with strong magnets, so you can easily access it when you need to make a call or check your GPS. It also includes metal plates for wireless charging, so you can keep your phone charged up while you’re on the go.

Do you ever have to fumble with your phone while driving in order to find a safe place to put it? The Car Vent Cell Phone Mount eliminates that problem by holding your phone right in front of you, where you can see it! This mount is perfect for home improvement projects or long car rides, as it keeps your phone at arm’s length and charges it wirelessly. The strong magnets and metal plates keep your phone secure, while the spring-loaded holder makes it easy to adjust the angle. And if you need to use your GPS or take a call, just pop your phone out of the mount and into your hands!