Cell Phone Stand in Car




Product Type: Car phone stand
Material: ABS+PC
Color: black/white
Placement: Dashboard

This cell phone stand in car is perfect for hands free use and wireless charging. The strong magnets and metal plates keep your phone in place, while the dashboard windshield car mount keeps it secure. The suction cup holder phone mount is also a great option, providing stability and a 360-degree rotation.

This Cell Phone Stand in Car is perfect for hands free driving and wireless charging! The holder mount is adjustable to fit any phone size, and the strong magnets and metal plates ensure a stable hold. The suction cup sticks to your dashboard or windshield, and the cup holder phone mount can also be attached to a car vent.

This Cell Phone Stand in Car will make your life so much easier! You can easily hold and use your phone while driving without having to worry about losing control of the car. The holder is adjustable and fits most smartphones, and it also has a built-in wire management system to keep your device fully charged. Plus, it comes with metal plates that attach to your phone case or wireless charging pad, so you can charge your phone without having to plug it in. The strong magnets ensure a secure hold, and the suction cup makes it easy to attach to your dashboard or windshield.