Dust Brush for Car


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Functions: clean dust
Less is more. That’s been our mantra at The Cleaning Authority for a while now. We believe that car detailing shouldn’t be difficult or complicated, and this dust brush/cleaning tool helps turn a dirty chore into something you can savor! Wrap your hand around the natural wood handle and let its clean scent fill your nose while you remove the stubborn spots from deep in nooks and crannies. You’ll revel in how much better the air smells, the dash glows-apple tree anyone? Keep up on all of those surfaces with help from this extremely effective yet gentle cleaning tool loaded with horsehair bristles to pick up any dirt clinging onto your dashboard so it never takes hold again!
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We’ve all had days where we drive through an oilfield, or drive past cows on the freeway, or just can’t keep down your sticky food because of how dusty it is. Ultimately, even if you’ve got time to do a car wash soon enough, chances are you’ll still need to take care of some dust before it builds up and starts holding in the smells. Trust us: a brush will make this a lot easier.
If you’ve never used a brush-type product for dirtier parts of the vehicle before, here’s what’s going on: