Valve Cap for Car




Functions:Anti-dust,water-resistant, decorative
Someone put a nice whack on your tire valve stem cap? Here’s the solution! Busted it off with an impact wrench? We’ve got you covered too. Secure from rust and corrosion, a sturdy metal air pressure valve cap is perfect for protecting another human being from the deadliest-known cause of death in automobiles: sudden tire failures.
Metal Valve Caps are long lasting and durable protection against injury or death caused by auto accidents. To protect yourself from this dangerous situation use our patented Metal Valves Core Cap to automatically inflate tires by blowing out all excess gas. Made of high quality materials will not break, crack or wither under heat exposure, cold exposure or wear and tear due to age – guaranteed! Stop taking any chances today.

What better way to express your love for cars than with a little bit of valve cap flair? Available in two kinds of metal, these tire stem caps are made to close securely and stay put. They’re available in three different diameters so you can be sure that they’ll fit on any tire, which is great because one size doesn’t always cut it. Each metal cap features an embossed flower design that will blend nicely with the bolt-on accessories on your car. But don’t worry if you have old exhaust pipes–just wrap one of these around the pipe’s exterior hole and give it a twist! The soft rubber inside makes for a tight grip even when the surface area isn’t perfectly horizontal or level, so you won.