hyundai i30 car mats




Material: Synthetic Fiber
Fitment 1: For Hyundai I30 2007-2012
Fitment 2: For Hyundai Kombi Coupe I 2007-2012

The Hyundai I30’s carpeting and fabric are designed to be sensitive to rigorous cleaning, making it sturdy enough for pets as well as spills. That means that these car mats will not only help keep your car clean but also prolong the life of the cargo area flooring. The cargo liners easily fold up and can be stored away in an outside compartment preventing messes from accumulating.

With a heat-resistant backing, the matting prevents pet’s paws and human hands from getting burned if they come into contact with any hot surfaces like your gear shift or heating vents! The last thing you need is burning blisters on your lap when driving down high-speed highways; we know we don’t want them! Protect yourself by investing in Hyundai cargo mats that are tailored to fit your car floor perfectly and provide a great carpet lining. These i30 carpet mats have been designed with you in mind, no matter where life takes you. Protecting the interior of your Hyundai from dirt, spills and other stains while looking just as good as it should!. Enough interior liner to keep your car looking, well, confined. The adorable little hyundai i30 hyundai floor mat secures cargo and restraints wherever it goes with a stylish elegance that will have you chasing the sun.