Interior Trim Moulding in Car




color: Multi-colour
Installation Position: Dashboard Door Edge and Gap
 Package Included: 1x 1 Roll Strip, 1x Mounting Scraper

Car interior molding trim gives is a super flexible opportunity for you to reinvent the appearance of your car interior. It is very easy to install and remove. Interior trims are a critical part of any car, and they make a far more durable first impression than tires or hubcaps. This interior trim molding is going to leave you with a good feeling about your purchase!

These car interior trim molding kits, manufactured with premium-grade materials and precision engineering meet the highest standards of quality. Interior Trim Mouldings come in a 12mm width by 25mm height that can be used as an adhesive-backed plastic strip or as a construction component on framing using any desired type of screw head.

Installation Tipps
Clean the dust off the surface before installation
Put the end of the strip into the gap
Press it firmly while installing