Leather Car Key Case


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Material Type: Plastic
Color: Multi-colors
Feature: Decoration and Protection car key
Slim, handmade leather car key holder that fits any remote key fob or wallet key. The case discreetly hides your keys to help you stay organized without the bulk of an old school pouch!

Keep your keys on key with this stylish yet functional product. These handsome leather case protects your remote key for a lifetime, and the best part is you no longer have to dig around looking for them!

Ever worried about the fate of your keys in apartment building where you gather with others at nicely dressed lofted parties, but every time it’s just you and the dog? All too often, your key is left to fend for itself amidst a sea of other car keys that don’t fit anything. Take control of your key’s destiny by storing them safely in this handsome leather case that not only fits most remote keys for easy access, but will discretely ensure they are waiting right outside the door when you return home…Doppio espresso optional!