Magnetic Camera Holder for Car




Material: Plastic
Color: black

Do you need a car mount for your camera? A magnetic car mount is a sure thing. This product will make use of the technology you already have on hand with all those magnetic rubber bracelets and business cards. All you need to do is attach this little guy to the bottom of your dusty camera or phone, then attach it to any metal surface that’s within the range of your automobile. Your ferrous magnetics won’t be left behind again! A magnetic mount for your camera that helps keep it safe while you drive. The rubber coating protects your devices from scratches and holds them securely in place while you’re driving. The car mount is ideal if you want a hands-free experience, since you can do anything on Snapchat, Instagram, or YouTube without having to worry about not maintaining control of the device with just one hand. Not only is this case convenient when recording videos for digital media, but also becomes an insurance policy once any accidents happen because it will hold onto the phone no matter what’s happening with gravity! Protective smartphones are important with all that evidence these days.