Universal Magnetic Cell Phone Mount for Car




Functions: prevent phone from sliding  away
Material: Metal
You need this! This magnetic cell phone mount product will hold your device in place during those long drives, or for when you’re running errands or shopping. With a cradle that is perfect for the modern smartphone and attached to a strong magnet on a cradle, this car mount can be used with any device up to 3 lbs. We have mounts available for most vehicles including windshields, vents, CDs slots and more! For those who have Qi wireless charging capabilities on their devices–finally catching up after so many years–you may want to take advantage of both of these engineering breakthroughs at once by using our Dashboard Mount Holder Kit which includes the base holder as well as an additional metal plate from where you can hang your phone if.

If you’re not yet convinced that smartphone technology is safer than driving, here’s another word for you: distraction. Texting and driving is the new drunk driving, so drive safe and manage your messages with a magnetic phone mount in any car type! This universal magnetic car mount holder holds your cell phone securely while charging wirelessly with up to 10W which means no cables – ever! Just attach it to either your windshield or dashboard using adhesive metal plates. It supports wireless charging on iPhone XS Max models an all Qi-enabled devices including Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Galaxy Note 9 Galaxy S9 Plus, Samsung Galaxy A series Samsung Note 8, Google Pixel 3 XL LG G8 ThinQ LG Q7 Pro Motorola Moto