Multi Orientation Rotating Phone Stand in Car




Material: Soft Silicone Hard Plastic
Product Type: Car phone holder
Color Name: Black

This multifunctional rotating phone stand is perfect for your car. It’s adjustable to fit any cellphone and rotates 360 degrees for the perfect viewing angle. You can also use it to hold photos or MP4 players.

This Multifunctional Rotating Cell Phone Stand in Car is perfect for your smartphone! Its 360-degree rotation allows you to use it in portrait or landscape mode, and its nonskid base keeps it stable while you drive. Ideal for watching movies or photos, this stand is also great for using your phone as a GPS.

This Multi Orientation Rotating Phone Stand in Car is a great way to keep your cellphone in place while driving. The stand can rotate 360 degrees, making it perfect for watching videos or taking photos. It’s also great for listening to music or using GPS navigation.