Plastic Auto Fastener Clips




Item Height: 12.8inch
Item Length: 15inch
Material Type: Plastics

It’s frustrating when you need to keep that door shut, but the handyman accidentally clipped the retainer. With these car retaining clips, you can easily restore your car door back to its glory days with no fuss! Just attach these clips around the trim or moulding of your auto with a push pin rivet set and they will be fixed in place for good! Clips are a universal tool for anyone working on indestructible plastic products.

You can use them to fasten together or reposition any kind of material, from screws and clips to foam and canvas.  We have a wide variety of auto clip options-no matter the car needs we have got you covered! With our moulding clips designed specifically for cars, finding the right fit should be easier than ever before. Don’t let those pesky trim panels get away from you next time give us a call.