Polarized Auto Sun Visor Extension


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Side window shade: 44cm*36cm
Rear window shade: 100cm*50cm
Color: Black
Material: Mesh

There’s no better way to protect your eyes in the car than with a stronger attachable sun visor. The polarized auto sun. It has velcro straps for easy attachment, complimentary designed trivets (14 x 3.25 inch) at each end, and neutralizes reflectivity on already expensive GPS screen screens/monitor displays which increase fatigue among motorists trying to read directions

Seen your car dash go bright in the sun? Suffer from getting blinded by lights at night? Tired of never being able to see if it’s actually raining, or just dark outside due to cloudy skies? With this sun visor extender, you can block up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays and keep your eyes healthy! Protecting your loved ones is important too.