Premium Leather Travelmate Car Neck Pillow




Material: PU Leather
Usage: Car headrest pillow
Feature: Car Seat cushion and support 

Keep your neck comfortable and supported when traveling. Premium design with Memory Foam for a pleasant experience. Ergonomically designed to help support your head, so you can focus on the journey no matter how long it takes! This premium leather Travelmate car neck pillow comes with a soft memory foam design and adjustable firmness to make sure each hand-stitched detail is perfect.

It helps take the pressure off of your neck while you’re on long trips in the car or any other time you need support. The headrest can be adjusted, too, so it’s just right for your height and sitting style. This is the best neck support pillow for travel, specifically if you want to drive. The premium leather extends up to your neck and onto your shoulders as a seatbelt would.