Protective Film for Car Screen


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Material Type: Plastic
Targets consumer who want to protect their new car’s expensive computer and navigation screens from getting scratched. Targets consumers who worry about thieves stealing information like phone numbers or social security through the cars’ monitor during a break-in. Offers full body coverage, with cuts that allow for an iPhone charger cable to be plugged in and navigate cleanly over the plastic film so you can still charge while protecting your screen.

No matter how many times you swear to never watch anything Criminal Minds again, your screen refuses to take the hint. Every time you pop open Spotify or Vine for a quick song break, there’s some creepy guy staring at you who is up to no good. Is this what they meant by bad touch? To stop him in his tracks and save your car from becoming an episode of CSI: SUV Squad, get our new Clear Guard Film for your screens! Passersby beware!

Get your screen protected and looking good with this durable, magnetic film. It’s the perfect remedy for scratches and other daily wear and tear to keep kids from destroying your valuable screen!