Clear Protective Film for Car




Color: Transparent
Material: Fiber carbon
Functions:Protection &Decoration
This product is available for Automobiles, RVs, Boats – any vehicles you don’t want to scuff up or have your paint damaged. It’s said that our customers can see more film on the ground than dirt because of how universally popular of a product it is. Make sure if this is what you are looking for, make no mistake of hitting “Add To Cart.”

Protect your exterior and interior from the harsh elements with 3M paint protection film! We cover all these needs: 3m car window tint, rock chips, stain resistance vinyl wraps to protect vehicle paint. Get creative with your ad copy and we’ll handle images — just send them our way — we’re here for you 24/7.

You have a beautiful car, something you put a lot of time and effort into. Wouldn’t it be heartbreaking if someone got close enough to leave their calling card on your prized possession? Dirt, rocks, even bugs will happen to drive by at the wrong angle! Don’t let these nuisances steal your joy. Upgrading from whoever is holding out with cars that still only come in white hits another obstacle: keeping dirt from staining the body or leaving scratches that mar the paint job. If you’re taking good care of your vehicle’s exterior but can’t stop other drivers from damaging it – try 3M Paint Protection Film for Car! This durable urethane film gives you crystal clear vision while protecting yourself against rock chips and stains while enhancing