Pu Leather Pad Car Seat Back Organizer Storage Bag With Foldable Table Tray


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Type: Seat Back Bag
Material Type: Pu leather


Multi-function car seat back organizer with large storage space for you to store drinks, snacks, documents, and other goods in it. Foldable shelf design, made of durable PU leather which protects your car seats from scratches and is easy to clean, makes traveling comfortable and, this organizer is a great addition to your vehicle. Easy to install.
When you’re on the go, nothing is more important than your phone – so don’t let it fall into that deep space between seats or run out of power. The Pu Leather Pad Car Seat Back Organizer Storage Bag allows you to stay hands-free and reachable with its universal cups for your mobile device, keeping chargers within reach as well. With easy installation features like suction cup holders and adjustable gooseneck viewers for optimal viewing angles, staying infotainment on bumpy roads is made easier! You can always make time to enjoy a game of solitaire while passing through patches of poor signal areas.
Contains: PU leather pad bag car seat back organizer foldable table tray

The Pu Leather Pad is a car seat back organizer storage bag with a foldable table tray. It has a durable, water-resistant PU leather exterior and two extra pockets for travel-size products. Security reflective lines on the inside of this unique car accessory mean that it can be seen from 450 meters away in the dark. The pouch also comes with a video games gift card insert so drivers can let their little ones know how to find out which games they want!
Offered in black or red, attach this pad easily to any headrest using the hooks and thumb screw attachments for universal compatibility. All over sturdy construction make its easy installation complemented by its adjustable gooseneck for different viewing angles as your move around town! For hands