Reflective Door Stickers for Car




Products type: Plastic
Colour: Multi-Color
Package Content: 4 X Car OPEN Reflective Tape


High-quality reflective tape for an easy car door handle. Multi-color and night-friendly external car accessories. When motorists can’t see what’s in front of them, accidents happen. The reflective door stickers from Liney offer a solution for this safety hazard with highly visible reflective tape that makes sure people out on the roadways know where you’re going.

Liney’s wide variety of personalized designs and shapes provide a quick and effective way to help drivers stay safe at night or under any light condition, so you can drive safely. Safety meets style too– our shapes include everything from ladies to grizzly bears to vintage cars, so no matter who’s behind the wheel you’ll find Liney has got your back! So no matter who’s behind the wheel, Liney has got your back with its reflective safety tape strips for cars.