samsung phone car charger


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Usage: Car USB Charger adapter
Output Interface: USB
Type: Fast Car Charger
Compatibility: For Xiaomi,iPhone, Samsung Galaxy

So many of your favorite things, all on one device. The Samsung Quick Charge Wireless Phone Charger is compatible with most Qi-enabled devices and lets you charge up to four times faster than conventional wireless chargers. So go ahead: Start charging like you mean business. Quick Charge or fast charging is based on the adapter model and may not always be available for use.

This dual-port car charger has a built-in usb cable that you can leave hooked up for an indefinite amount of time without wearing out or damaging your phone battery life. You’ll get the most from your trips by being able to access power banks on both ports for long drives while still being charged just as quickly due to its quick charge technology! With this new upgrade, even if you forget your cable at home, no worries – simply use a type c cable instead. Enjoy all of these features with our trusted Samsung quality.