Silicone Car Remote Key Case Cover


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Material: Silicon

Keep your remote key safe with this silicone cover so you don’t lose it in the couch again. Your car keys are important, just like our beautiful planet!

Keys can be a pain, especially when they’re in our pocket, purse, or worse yet- the car.
You may go for a leisurely stroll and all of a sudden you feel that pang of something poking your leg. You reach down to unearth what is painfully jabbing into your skin only to find your keys! Woof – we usually don’t even need any more aggravation than already was bestowed upon us so IDK about you but I’ll take this special silicone key case cover any day over having no idea where my keys are while also nursing wounds from an uncooperative stabbed shoe!

Keep your remote safe and pic-up-free with this silicone car key cover. This cute hibiscus flower will look great on the back of your driver’s seat or glove box, so you can grab it anytime!


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