Steering Wheel Laptop Holder




Color: Black
Material: PC and Stainless Steel

The Steering Wheel Laptop Holder is a revolutionary innovation in car accessories and is the ultimate companion for any driver. No need to install a permanent solution in your car, this multifunctional laptop holder is designed to fit all types of cars and be fast and easy to install. It attaches to any steering wheel and makes it possible for you to use your laptop while driving.

The newest, most innovative product for eating and using your laptop while you drive. The new patent-pending design holds items securely and provides a surface area large enough to eat on. Never worry about spilling food all over again. Keep the new Steering Wheel Laptop Holder in your car or truck always for easy access. these holders allow for full use of one’s keyboard while providing convenience whether on the go or at home. You’ll also love that if you have children eager to play games from your tablet, they can do so without disrupting the speeding drivers around