Strong Seat Belt Clip For Car Seat




Material: plastic metal
Usage: Seat Belts & Padding
Feature: car safety belt

The Strong Seat Belt Clip makes it possible for you to keep your child safe in their car seat even if they are improperly buckled. The clip will hold the lap belt tight against the front of their body and also holds both shoulder belts, ensuring a proper fit at all times. It won’t eject your passenger out of your vehicle during accidents thanks to its reliable construction- durable steel with riveted leather flaps designed to maintain optimal buckle grip even when crumpled or distorted. It has a locking design that prevents accidental unbuckling which is perfect for rear-facing installations as well as standard forward-facing ones so you can

Protect your child with our best invention. The belt clip for car seats is strong and made to last. Keep your little ones safely buckled in their seat during any driving situation, including the most serious of accidents. It’s easy to install and provides protection where it counts- from top to bottom!.