suction phone holder




Material: ABS
Color Name: black
function: 360 Degree Rotate Stand Auto
Usage: Car Back Seat Phone Holder

We know how much stress it can be to pick up your phone and use GPS while driving. Nobody wants the distraction, not to mention constant hand movements. The magnetic suction car holder is strong enough to hold your phone in place no matter what type of device you’ve got without taking precious minutes off of your busy day.  This magnet has a rotating ball joint which allows users a full range of motion when they need to access their apps or take pictures without grabbing A car phone mount holder business makes it easy for you to use your phone hands-free on the road.

Simple one-touch locking mechanism designed to fit securely without falling off. Your phone case is compatible with metal plates that are included in the package, so no need to take your cell out of its protective cover! Fits any type of interior design, magnetic installation makes it easy to place on the dash or windshield using a strong suction cup. This makes driving safer and allows drivers more focus given they keep their eyes on the road. Affordable prices allow people to enjoy this quality product anytime they want hands-free access while driving life’s errands around town or transporting passengers across state lines