Temporary Parking Phone Number


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Sticker Placement: Front Windshield
Customizable: Yes
Feature: Words and numbers
Material Type: Abs

The Temporary Parking Phone number card is the perfect accessory for any driver without a spot! The bright, white card pairs with either solid or striped shirt and will complement your PT cruiser. It’s magnetized to ensure that it doesn’t fall off even during pit stops and starts on tight roadways. Carry-on luggage included.

This parking card is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry. You can take this product with you anywhere you go! Stylish phone number placement takes the worry out of telling others your address so they can retrieve their car after getting out of a temporarily parked zone. With magnetic numbers hidden inside the table for quick transport purposes, all you need to do is open and fold before placing it on top of any flat surface that has not been marked as unavailable for use. This card also protects exterior accessories from being stolen by passersby who might be looking for an easy steal before entering your vehicle.