trunk organizer with cooler


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Type: Seat Back Bag
Material Type: polyester

Red and black plaid pattern, with a pocket for sports gear. Organize your car or storage space to be clean and stylish. Makes grocery shopping easy and a lunch bag! The unique liner keeps the contents cold as you explore Chicago traffic on those hot summer days. This sturdy, high-quality trunk organizer is a must-have for anyone with a lot of gear in their vehicle.

It’s even better when it includes a removable cooler bag, cooler bag to help keep cold stuff fresh! The side pockets are perfect for storing sports gear and beverages while on the move, while the easy-to-clean materials will bring life back into your car, making you feel like driving again – just because. And if that wasn’t enough to get you interested in this great product, there’s even storage for groceries so you don’t have to do any more trips than necessary!