Universal Protective Car Door Sticker




Material type: Carbon fiber
Functions: Prevent the car from being scratched, has good flexibility, makes the car more beautiful.

Our carbon fiber protective sticker of lovely appearance is a design that catches your eyes at once. When applied to your car door, it gives your car a luxurious and smart look. It is convenient for all weather conditions. It comes with an adhesive on the back, making the installation simple and fast. It is a durable item that can be used for years.

If you’re looking for a simple and practical way to safeguard your vehicle, we have just the thing! Keep Your Doors Safe™ are handmade car door stickers with added safety features. The stickers come in matte black with white writing that is sure to keep things classy on the outside, but they can also make perfect additions to the decor within if placed near any windows on either side during warmer months… making them great whether you live in an overly warm place or an area where it snows every day.