Upgrade Glass SunRoof Skylight Sunshade Blinds




Material: Encrypted gauze coated silver cloth
Function: Sun protection and heat insulation
Color: bronze/copper/silver, white/gray/

The product is made up of materials such as high-quality gauze and coated silver cloth that protects passengers from high-temperature exposure damage to the interior and blocks light and ultraviolet rays that can damage the eyes. It provides your car with a comfortable driving environment and gives your car a luxurious design.

The upgrade sunroof sunshade net is a welcoming addition to your home. The durable one-way screen meshes have been designed with an open weave that prevents tearing or disrupting airflow. All you have to do is simply position it over your skylight with our convenient slide bars, securing it with either self-adhesive plastic hooks or Velcro strips––and voila! You’ve shielded all the family from annoying glare and heat so everyone can enjoy a cooler window seat next time you catch a hot summer day off guard.